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I want to thank you for coming to my site out of all other viewing choices What my site is all about, Basically there is a group of secret plotters and they are responsible for most trouble on this world. Human beings are NOT NOT naturally stupid, mean-spirited, uncharitable beings. If you think I am crazy or a donation sucker please just read this home page and then read my post “the few vs everyone else”. Human beings do not naturally like war for example. ALL wars have been stated with lies, exaggerations, false flags or any kind of deception. The youtube video “Debunking A Century of War Lies” by James Corbett is a good video on this subject. Poverty could be solved by just every day humans, but we have charities that pocket the vast majority of the money donated as well as a artificial scarcity. I want to stress that the heads of government and many CEOs will be puppets of the highest members of this conspiracy.